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Our project

Contemplative practices in everyday life

The Association Progetto PienEssere APS, transpersonal Mindfulness in everyday life, is the result of the experience of very original and precious lifelong learning and spiritual growth. It started 15 years ago with two therapists of the Karuna Institute, Anne Overzee and Deirdre Gordon, with the training contribution by Maura Sills and Franklin Sills, who founded the Karuna Institute, thanks to the research and insights with a transpersonal approach that acknowledges the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the human experience and the knowledge and contamination of different spiritual traditions.

It promotes and cultivates the transcendent aspects of awareness; it helps fostering an environment where there is no oppression but a gentle sharing in order to establish relationships and create opportunities in the most elevated way we can.
For ten years a set group of practitioners, most of them psychotherapists, have been gathering twice or three times a year with the only aim to deepen their spiritual insights and their authenticity, turning pain into shared poetry.
The originality of this journey was the continuity of the Sangha/tribe. It allowed to create a peculiar psycho-spiritual containment field and all the people who have been joining it all along these years enjoyed the work of awareness and heart developed so far…and this valuable experience is what Progetto PienEssere is aimed to promote and develop.
The Peacock is the symbol of our Association. Discover its meaning and its symbolic gifts.
One of the main aims of our Association is to create psycho-spiritual containment fields imbued with Heart energies and supported by Subliminal Mind, where the contemplative approach honours the nature of the Self and its processes, and it highlights the relationship Being-to-Being in connection with the Source.
In the contemplative approach, the teachings of the Buddha are very practical and in this way the practice of the Dharma represents an ethical project allowing humans to flourish. According to this practice, all challenges in our lives are faced thanks to the situational ethics that privilege the most caring solution on the right one. So, the Dharma means caring, living without opinions and beliefs; and when the teachings are put on practice, the Dharma is understood and embodied.

A fundamental aspect of Progetto PienEssere is to illuminate and honor each other. It deals with Heart evolution, self-worth, glorifying each other and being aware of our sacred nature fostering the art of living. For this reason, the practical and embodied aspect is of the utmost importance.

Progetto PienEssere is a radical space of contemplative learning where you can train your heart and your mind practicing all the manifestations in order to change yourself and be inspiring, using creativity for sharing joy.
We like to think that, as Tiziano Terzani wrote: “may the problems of the humanity be solved one day by a conspiracy of poets who let the heart fly and fantasy be free without the heaviness of our everyday lives and can think differently”.
Progetto PienEssere aims to promote contemplative activism, especially by supporting who supports (psychotherapists, doctors, psychiatrists, teachers, educators, spiritual researchers) and we are convinced that generosity makes relationships happy and that the most elevated kind of dãna is when a good person gives something to another good person. “Supporting who supports”, supporting wise people because they support many others.
Progetto PienEssere is a “work in progress” where everyone gives their contribution for taking care of a space dedicated to Heart awareness in order to create movement and change. Progetto PienEssere wants a Sangha not dealing with power but coming from poetry. True poetry is a quality of inner life and cannot be explained…from that awareness we act as the Source dropping down our personalities.
It aims to be a space of growth for leaders, psychotherapists, teachers, social workers who try to realize Dharma in their lives…everyone’s uniqueness is a gift for humanity. Every human being is here to develop their own originality and uniqueness, to be themselves and take their right to create themselves.
We are made for joy…
These professionals are responsible for being aware, intact, have peace of mind, and genuinely caring for other people, which are fundamental basis to create a mutually supportive community and change consciousness radically. The power to act and realize this is given by developing the quality of the Heart.
The aim is to contribute by creating a model of encounter where solidarity, generosity and daily little gestures are fundamental.
Can we imagine a small community of friends where diversity is appreciated and not censored; where being small is considered a success rather than a failure and questions are more important than answers?
Progetto PienEssere is the starting point, an experiment, in order to create relationships that can change not only the individual but the society too. All these ethic and practical environment becomes a laboratory, where ethical immanence allows compassion to turn into action and think about creating the new “Sangha Society”.
It is a space with no sect, no Buddhist orthodoxy, no specific school, no spiritual tradition and it wants to offer contemplative learning and encourage to realize the values of the Dharma and the spirituality of our culture.

Supporting who supports

All people who have been learning Mindfulness in the Mudita Association during the last 15 years, who knows transpersonal and relational Mindfulness, Dharma teachers, teachers of body practices for awareness and all people trying to embody Dharma through their profession are invited to take part in our project and are welcome.
The fundamental precondition is to have done a significant work on oneself, practice regularly and to be highly motivate to give and to give oneself to others.

How to join us

If you are interested, please contact our association or fill in the application form.