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Only the Good is radical…
The most elevated kind of dãna (donation) is when a good person gives something to another good person. It is important to cultivate the donation to wise people because it SUPPORTS who can support many others. The true donation is giving what is more precious for us:

our own life, ourselves…

Generosity is an essential part of practicing. It is the first of the seven attitudes/qualities (paramita) of Bodhisattva. The true spirit of donating is addressing not only the others, but also ourselves.

How can you donate?

Contemplative Activism: free-entry practices

It promotes donating ourselves, our talents and our generosity. It supports the training in Transpersonal Mindfulness in Relation, the BraveHeartfulness School.
Indeed, offers coming from contemplative activism will be used for scholarships those who are highly motivated to dedicate part of their lives or their lives to service, precious expression of loving kindness in action. This takes inspiration from the Vipassana Theravada Meditation Centers according to the Goenka’s tradition. In Goenka Centers, spread all over the world, the experience of meditation is fully supported by the generosity who benefited of the practice.

Free-offer activities

Mainly retreats/workshops, they foster confidence, the economy of donating and gratitude. Principalmente ritiri/laboratori, promuovono la fiducia, l’economia del dono e la gratitudine. It is the practice of letting go especially on themes as justice and judgement. This activity promotes and nurtures the sense of gratitude, responsibility and the capacity to receive.

Learning activities: Braveheartfulness School

Costs are fair and can be covered, when possible, by the Community with scholarships thanks to crowfunding and the offers to the activities of the contemplative activism. Our ambitious target is to build a Community who can fully support the education and growth of the “little Bodhisattvas growing”. For this, money is not the only means, Community members can take a clear committment to make available for the Community the best qualities of their own Heart.
This allws who is motivated and has good Heart, but no economic capacity to get access to the learning activities especially nowadays. All of us, in our own life, may have received a gift that allowed them to succeed in something they were looking for.
This is another aspect that Progetto PienEssere supports. We want to promote mutual help, barter, volunteering, solidarity, and supporting talented people, wisdom and creativity.
If you are interested, please contact us: info@progettopienessere.org

If you want to join Progetto PienEssere APS Association or donate to our BraveHeartfulness School or to other projects, these are our bank details:

Associazione Progetto PienEssere APS
IBAN IT98P0623010996000046591010
(for foreign banks BIC CRPPIT2P323)

Please quote: your full name and the activity you donate for (…) or for the membership card (25€).

The free offer (dãna) comes from ancient traditions and is related to the fact that we knows we have received something precious in our life. The Buddha highlights the value of generosity and sharing what we have with other people since this is an important practice to cultivate happiness and wellbeing. When we receive with gratitude and donate with generosity we are fully conscious and part of the interconnection life supporting us all. Generosity allows the teaching of Dharma to continue and be available for those who wants to learn about it.