Our dream

Progetto PienEssere APS has a dream

Our wish

Progetto PienEssere APS has a dream…a free space in a sacred place or a place to be rehabilitated where we can develop the interest on contemplative practices and contribute to a culture for a new approach to healthy life by bringing back beauty, fullness and wisdom to here and now…as taught by ancient spiritual traditions and proved by scientific studies on the effects of Mindfulness and meditation on human wellbeing.

Our most ambitious dream is to bring contemplative practice to places that hosted spiritual practices in the past and now have a different destination as ancient monasteries, desecrated churches…since we are convinced that these places kept memory of the Silence that is fundamental in transforming and healing processes for many people. And we think that bringing these places back to life is a form of kindness, care and respect of all the material and spiritual work in those peculiar places.
The aim is to offer personal experiences and the result of the practice to all people who are interested in it or want to attend free-of-charge or free-offer meetings as it was in the ancient spiritual traditions.
The practice of mutual service allows to develop care and concern. Care allows us to observe our mind in the midst of turmoil letting some fundamental qualities as wisdom to thrive. Care, concern, wisdom are Values that can create and increase a sense of interconnection and sharing that we hope can do right by the Community.